by Owen Relfe


Over the last couple of weeks we have been talking to lots of our brides and grooms for this summer. Sadly many of them are in a position where they have to or feel they need to postpone their weddings. Most of them have been planning their weddings for over year if not longer and despite this they have been so understanding and pragmatic when it has come to rearranging their wedding. We are in the wedding industry because we love a celebration and we never imagined we would be in this situation but we will make sure everyone one of our clients has the best wedding or party on whatever day it happens.

If you are in the position where you are having to postpone, we have some tips for you:

  1. Sit down with your partner and make a list of all your suppliers.
  2. Decide which suppliers are the most important to you (the ones that you do not want to change) i.e. venue, marquee, planner, florist etc.
  3. Read their Ts&Cs and contact them to discuss the options for postponement.
  4. Find a date that works for them all, but remember you may have to be flexible about the date. The main thing is you are getting married, the time of year, number of guests or day won’t get in the way of that.
  5. Contact your most important guests (close family and best friends etc) to check the date works for them.
  6. Next contact your other suppliers (who you could change if you had to) to see if they can also move. If they cannot do your new date ask them for a referral, you may lose a few small deposits but hopefully you can cope with that in the grand scheme of things. We have had one bride use Doodle to do a poll with all her suppliers - sheer genius in our opinion!
  7. Once you have a new date send out a ‘change of date’ card with any other new information your guests might need by snail mail or electronically. If you have anyone who is traveling a long way maybe give them a call as well.
  8. Open a bottle of wine and start thinking about table plan :) One last thing - when your original date comes around make sure you have a little celebration - just the 2 of you

If you have any questions or need to chat just give us a call 01929 505005 or drop us an email

Take care

Carla & Owen