Do you have to postpone your wedding just yet?

by Owen Relfe

Do you have to postpone your wedding just yet?

So this year is not exactly going to plan for most of us but that does not mean we have to cancel 2020!

Due to the current situation all our May & June weddings have now postponed to September this year right through to early spring next year but we want to tell couples with weddings planned for July onwards why you don’t need to postpone just yet.

We believe strongly in thinking positively, there a lot of things we have no control over at the moment but here’s how we think you can take some control without necessarily having to wait another year before you get married:

1) You can plan to have your wedding on your original date but have a back up date arranged with all your suppliers for a low season date. You suppliers will want your wedding to happen just as much as you and will do what they can to make it happen (see our blog post on postponing for tips on doing this).

2) Consider the number of guests and table planning. Could you reduce the number of guests? Increase the number of tables to increase spacing? Talk to your wedding planner/marquee company/venue about new floor plans and additional furniture.

3) Were you planning on having sharing platters? Perhaps you could change this to have meals served to your guests. Get some wine glass charms to match your theme so everyone knows which glass is theirs and have beer in cans/bottles (check out Etsy for some great ideas). There are some pretty fancy beers in cans these days!

4) One of the biggest concerns for people is their guests, especially if they are travelling a long way for your special day. Let them know you are planning to go ahead with your original date but have got a back up date (see our blog post on postponing featured on Boho Weddings) and tell them when you will make the final decision to go ahead or postpone. This way they are not left in limbo and can make any necessary arrangements for example:

If you have guests traveling from abroad it is understandable to want to let them know as soon as possible so they can re-arrange flights. If their flights are not cancelled then they can change their flights up to 14 days before they are due to fly. OR For guests that have booked accommodation perhaps advise them to only pay deposits and to pay the balance at check-in/out. Again the hotels and BnBs will want to keep the business and would rather move the booking than lose it all together.

5) We are all very aware that hygiene is extremely important . Can you incorporate this in to your wedding? Give guests mini tubes/bottle of hand sanitiser or little soaps in a tin. You could even set up of a hand sanitising/wash station that fits with the theme of your wedding, there is some great inspiration on Pinterest.

Russel Brand and his wife did a funny YouTube demonstration on how to make play dough soap for kids, maybe this could be an activity that is set up for the children at your wedding?

5) Some of you may decide to have your wedding with just a few people this year but want to postpone the party until life has gone back to normal. All you need to do is talk to your suppliers about a new date in autumn, winter or spring. You can have a party any time of the year (watch out for our blog posts about spring, autumn and winter weddings for inspiration), and after everything that has happened your friends and family will be looking forward to your celebration more than ever.

6) Since we are glass half full kind of people, what if it turns out in mid May that all July, August & September weddings can happen? Your friends and family will be SO excited about your wedding, you will be their heroes for throwing a huge party none of them will ever forget!

As much as we hope everything is exactly as you had wished, weddings are about love and family. It is the most important thing and life is about getting through trials and tribulations together and this is one of them..

Thank you to our very dear friend Emma from Martha and the Meadow for contributing to this blog post. She is a very talented and creative florist so if your florist cannot make your new date you need to head over to Emma’s Instagram page to see what she does!

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones, and you know where we are if you need to have a chat.

Carla & Owen xxxxxx