"It's like rain on your wedding day"

by Owen Relfe

Back in the 90s Alanis Morissette wrote the song Ironic and one of the many memorable lines is ‘It’s like rain on your wedding day’. Whilst most marquee weddings are in the summer, if it does rain it doesn’t mean your day will be ruined or any less special.

Below are our top tips to make sure your wedding day is amazing whatever the weather:

• Make a wet weather plan and make sure your suppliers and key guests know all the details.

• You will most probably visit your venue in the cooler wetter months of the year, and whilst this doesn’t necessarily help you envisage you glorious summer wedding it will give you a good idea what to expect if it is wet. If you are hiring a farmers/friends filed make sure you know what the ground conditions are like.

• What flooring is your marquee company providing? We always put down a waterproof membrane underneath our Dandy Dura matting, 99% of the time this is more than enough but in the winter we recommend our hard flooring option.

• Once you have your plans in place, keep an eye on the weather the week before your wedding (there is no point worrying about before then we all know the British weather is fickle) and let your suppliers know when you make the decision to enact your wet weather plan.

• Hire a heater. It’s cooler in the day if it rains and whatever the weather your guests who are not drinking/dancing will appreciate the warmth in the evening. Even on a beautiful British summer evening the temperature drops as the sun goes down. Our Tipis and Sailcloth are weather proof and heat up really quickly with a space heater so your guests will be cosy whatever the British weather throws at you.

• Have plenty of throws and blankets ready for your guests to cosy up in. Have them rolled up in baskets or containers to match with your colour scheme.

• Make sure your guests know to bring an umbrella and then have as many umbrellas as you can collect together or hire some to match your colour scheme (yes, that is a thing!)

• If your venue is likely to be a bit boggy warn your guests and buy yourself some nice wellies. If you don’t need them you’ll have them ready for a nice wet walk as Mr & Mrs.

• Having hot drinks available when guests arrive and throughout the day is a great way to help keep people nice a warm. Either served by your caterers/bar staff or a self service station could work just as well.

• If you are planning on having an outdoor ceremony you will need a back up plan. We recommend having a marquee large enough to accommodate your guests for a ceremony (even if some of them have to stand). The dance floor can make the perfect spot plus it can be used for your drinks reception as well! You will need to consider your seating, a lot of couples opt for hay bales with covers but folding chairs or benches can be less stressful since they just need a quick wipe down if they do get wet.

• Consider having a PA system. Come wind or rain you still want everyone to be able to hear the speeches!

• Consider where your guests will be moving around the site and get walkways put down. Not only does it stop their shoes getting muddy and spreading it everywhere it also helps you join all your different areas together. And if possible don’t have the toilets and car park to far away.

• Think about your wedding photos and talk to your photographer so that you have some ideas for some fun shots in the rain. The light on a rainy day can be favourable to photographers. You never know you might be lucky and get a rainbow!

Finally, don’t worry about it, you cannot control it, just make sure you have a contingency plan in place. You will have an amazing day whatever the weather, you are marrying the love of your life surrounded by all your favourite people. After all it didn’t stop Gene Kelly from ‘Singing in the rain’.

Take care

The Coastal Tents Team xxx