Should you consider hiring a wedding planner?

by Owen Relfe

Should you consider hiring a wedding planner?

So, you’ve said “yes”, guzzled copious amounts of fizz and created a zillion Pinterest boards… now it’s time to plan your big day. But if you feel a bit daunted about where to start, or simply don’t have time, then why not think about using a wedding planner? Here are some great reasons it might just be the best decision you make!

Saves you time

Planning a wedding is time consuming! While an exciting part of the process for many couples is browsing the internet to get ideas for their big day, in reality, researching venues, florists, caterers and cars all takes time. And that’s before you get to your wedding admin (wedmin)… keeping track of RSVPs, invoices, Great Aunt Flo’s dietary requirements… we could go on! By using a wedding planner you are effectively delegating all those time consuming jobs to a born and bred organiser! They will be able to provide you with a list of recommended suppliers and will be able to suggest options that fit with your dream day. By taking the paperwork off your hands you will be left to concentrate on the details that matter to you. Such as whether to go for a ballet pump or a kitten heel, Prosecco or champers, red roses or pink…

Minimises stress

Planning your wedding is usually a happy and fun time but it can also be an emotional roller coaster. Every couple want their day to be absolutely perfect and this can lead to a lot of pressure and stress. Having a wedding planner on hand to guide you through the process and deal with any unexpected issues will really allow you to relax and enjoy your engagement. They are so experienced in all things ‘wedding’. When you find yourself feeling flummoxed by decisions or problems, you’ll be met with a cool, calm head with a wealth of suggestions and solutions.

Helps you to budget

Wedding planners are great with numbers! They can help you create a budget, or, help you allocate it if you’ve all ready decided how much you have in the pot. It can be hard to know how much you should expect to pay for various services, but wedding planners are experienced in all elements of your big day. They will help ensure you get the best value for money and are often able to negotiate prices for you using their existing relationships with suppliers. It can be very easy to get carried away but with a wedding planner on hand they will stop you from over spending.

Achieve your wedding vision

Wedding planners are wedding experts. As well as guiding you through the main process, they will also help you with the finer details to bring to life the vision you have of your day. They can provide ideas to create a theme to your wedding or, if you all ready know what you want but are struggling to make your ideas a reality, they will show you how.

The day itself

When it comes to the actual wedding day all you should be focussed on is marrying the love of your life. The last thing you want on your day is a bombardment of questions about where the cake needs to be displayed, whether the fizz is on ice and what time the band can arrive. Whilst your family and friends will be on hand to lend support, by having a wedding planner there to coordinate and direct all your suppliers and stick with your time schedule, it means everyone can focus on you!

So what are the options?

When you ask most people, they usually assume that wedding planners take charge right from the moment you say ‘yes’ until you’ve danced you first dance. While this is definitely a service that is on offer, did you know that most wedding planners also offer partial, or pay as you go services? Whichever option you choose, a wedding planner can really help ensure you get hitched without a hitch! Here are the most common options on offer.

Full planning – A fantastic choice if you want professional help and support from start to finish. If your day is likely to involve loads of different suppliers and a large guest list, this option will certainly take the stress out of the planning process. It’s also perfect if you are busy people and simply don’t have the time to research all your options let alone coordinate the bookings.

Partial – Most planners offer the option to get involved as you get closer to the wedding day itself (usually 1-3 months beforehand). They will go through your plans and can then take charge of coordinating the final arrangements with all your suppliers. They will also build a detailed timeline so all the key people know how the day is to unfold. With this option your planner will usually be there on the day to manage everything for you. This is a great choice if you want to do the bulk of the planning yourselves, but would like a helping hand to tie up any loose ends for a stress-free run-up to your special day.

Wedding day coordination – If you simply want someone there on the day to ensure all your careful planning comes to fruition, then hiring a coordinator just for the day is a great solution. Make sure you have a really detailed consultation with whomever you choose. It’s not just about your supplier list and timings, they should understand what is important to you as a couple. For example do you want to get married outside even if it means a last minute chair dash? This is a great option if you don’t have access to the venue the day before and need help getting set up, and so that you have someone on hand to troubleshoot any last minute problems without bothering the bridal party.

Consultation and pay as you go – as Bellissimo wedding planners say, this is perfect if you like the idea of a wedding PA. You might choose to have a one off consultation to brainstorm ideas, or a series of calls throughout the planning process to devise a timeline or run through your checklist. Many planners also offer a ‘styling’ service – they will go to your venue on the day of your wedding and ensure everything is set up for you.

At Coastal Tents we are lucky enough to work with some fantastic wedding planners and see first-hand the difference they can make. Why not take a look at Bellissimo Wedding Planners, Rosie Barrett Events for design and planning and the lovely Lauren at Bluebird Creative. Keep an eye on our Instagram account this week as they will be sharing their top tips!

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