why we love celebrant-led wedding ceremonies

by Owen Relfe

why we love celebrant-led wedding ceremonies

One of the things we absolutely love about our job is helping to create a truly magical wedding day for our clients. We adore seeing our tipis and tents being transformed by couples as they add their own little touches. It really reflects their personalities and interests and sets the vibe for the day. And now more so than ever, we are also seeing how couples are choosing to personalise their ceremony by having a Celebrant-led wedding in favour of a more traditional service. We caught up with a few of our favourite Independent Celebrants to ask all about the options and the benefits.

So, why are people moving away from church weddings and civil ceremonies?

If the idea of a run of the mill ceremony by a registrar isn’t quite making your tummy flip or your heart skip a beat with excitement, then you are not alone. Registrars have to follow a very set format and while some people like the familiarity of that, many couples now want something that is deeply personal to them. There has also be a move away from religion and as Diana Saxby from Grace The Day explains “a religious wedding, with its traditional rituals, words and music does not always chime with many people’s outlook on life these days”. Maybe the biggest reason behind it are the limitations that are in place with the more traditional methods – to marry in a church or synagogue obviously comes with religious content whereas a civil ceremony doesn’t allow a religious element at all. By using an Independent Wedding Celebrant you have the ultimate say in what is included in your vows and ceremony. We spoke to Frances Cave (Fan) from Fanfare Ceremonies who told us that a service led by a Celebrant “really can reflect a couple’s style and beliefs whether that be a ceremony filled with many of the familiar traditions of a church wedding and simply personalised to celebrate the couple and their story, or a more alternative style including all sorts of rituals”.

So what is the difference?

If you chose a celebrant-led ceremony, one of the key differences is, you will not be married in the eyes of the law. But as Fan, goes on to say, “forward thinking couples are not waiting for a change in the law and are pressing on with legalising their marriage by nipping to the registry office to sign the paperwork and then having their ceremony how they want it by using an Independent Wedding Celebrant”.
Whether or not you choose to do this of course is entirely up to you – some couples simply want to make a commitment to one another but without the legal ties. Or, if you have been affected by the pandemic and you had a micro wedding when really you wanted to celebrate your love in front of the masses then the door is not closed on your big celebration!

Your wedding in the location of your choice

One of the greatest things about a celebrant-led service is that you can have your wedding anywhere – yep, that’s right, anywhere! If you’ve always dreamed of marrying on the beach, under the stars or in beautiful woodland, a Celebrant-led wedding is right for you. We are lucky enough to work with some stunning venues where we’ve seen some of the most gorgeous outdoor ceremonies take place. Harry Warren House is one of our all time favourites where you can marry overlooking Studland Bay and Old Harry Rocks. Or choose the water’s edge of Burnbake’s Cleavel Point, with amazing views over the southernmost tip of Poole Harbour. For a woodland wedding, Wareham Forest Weddings offers a truly secluded spot. And then of course there is your family home. We have sited our structures in some lovely private grounds over the years and transformed homely spaces to bring the wow factor to a familiar place, providing you with the most personal and beautiful setting for your day.

A ceremony that is all about you

The personalisation of your ceremony is what sets a Celebrant-led wedding apart from the traditional options. With absolutely no limitations to content, you could include readings from your favourite Disney script, walk down the aisle to the Pussycat Dolls or, as Laura and Lou from Fox and Star Ceremonies tell us, even have a gin and tonic mixing ceremony! Weddings should be about happiness, joy and laughter and by telling your very own love story in front of your family and friends you will create a wedding that is totally unique to you. If you’d like to learn more about the process of arranging an Independent Celebrant to lead your ceremony then we can highly recommend chatting to our friends.

Fan is an Independent Celebrant – the gorgeous images on her website, Fanfare Ceremonies, sum up the moments she creates. Diana, Leading Independent Celebrant and Registered Ceremony Expert, can be reached at Grace The Day and the lovely Laura and Lou run Fox and Star Ceremonies.

As always, we are here to help and love chatting all things ‘wedding’ so please feel free to get in touch 01929 505005 or info@coastaltents.co.uk Coastal Tents team xxxx